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The VORTEX Odyssey: Underworld

Virtual Fundraiser for The VORTEX 2020

A Virtual Experience Created and Curated by 

Melissa Vogt and Rudy Ramirez


La Fenice (September 25 & 26) - Kate Meehan, Adam Rodriguez, Cara Arlauskas

Indigo Shift (October 2) - Sarah Marie Curry, Jordan T. Maxwell, Kacey Samiee

PGraph (October 3 & 9) - Kareem Badr, Roy Janik, Kaci Beeler

Prima Doñas (October 10) - Lili Lopez, Benjamin Bazan, Laura de la Fuente


Olivia Jimenez (September 25 & 26)

Marisa Pisano (October 2) 

Linda Nenno Breining (October 3)

CB (October 9 & 10)


Ginger Snaps (September 25)

Mattie Barber-Bockelman (September 26) 

Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens (October 2 & 3)

World Famous *BOB* (October 9 & 10)

Zoom Room Managers (The Charons):

Cortney DeAngelo - Team Cerberus 

Kevin Welch - Team Tiresias

Bridget Farias Gates - Team Persephone (Sept. 25 - Oct. 3)

Josh Livicci -Team Persephone (Oct. 9 & 10)

The Gates of Hades:

Charon: written and performed by Jesús I. Valles, editing by Melissa Vogt

The River Styx:

Nyx: script and VO by Melissa Vogt, sound engineer Johann Mahler,

        video by Cotton Bro


Kronus in Tartarus Acres: written and performed by Mick D'arcy,

                                        videography by Emerald Mystiek

Kronus: by Eva Suter, narrated by Mindy Keenan, video by Melissa Vogt

Chthonic Alchemy- Songs from the Underworld: "At the XRoads", "Dogs in the                                 Night", "Whore Horrors": Key Hole (Heather Barfield, Kevin                                  Welch, François Minaux)

Medusa Problems: Animation by Melissa Vogt

Midas Touch: by Eva Suter, narrated by Mindy Keenan, video by Melissa Vogt

The Furies: by Jesús I. Valles, performed by Jennifer Jennings,

                  video editing by Rudy Ramirez

Sisyphus: by Eva Suter, narrated by Mindy Keenan, video by Melissa Vogt

Tantalus: by Eva Suter, narrated by Mindy Keenan, video by Melissa Vogt

Prometheus Problems: Game by Melissa Vogt

Asphodel Meadows:

Send Off: conceived and performed by Abigail Lucas

Minotaurby Eva Suter, narrated by Mindy Keenan, video by Melissa Vogt

                game by gaylord123

Mictecacihuatl and Persephone: Narrative and Puppetry by Diana Guizado

Eurydice's Song: Music and Video by Laura Ray

Miss Your Touch: song and video by Laura Freeman,

                           Piano and Recording by Eddie Lehwald

Coming Home, The Root, & Orpheus: by Melissa Vogt, instrumentals                                             by Chris Peterson (Coming Home), Julie Moore (The Root),                               and Kai Engel's album Sustains, "Cold War Echo" (Orpheus)

                           Sound Engineer, Johann Mahler

Pasiphaë: by Eva Suter, narrated by Mindy Keenan, video by Melissa Vogt

Somewhere in Between: conceived and performed by Abigail Lucas,

                                    music by Eduardo A. Garcia

In Memorium: Video Compilation by Melissa Vogt

the first night: by Nia & Ness, music by Indian Wells

Ariadne: by Eva Suter, performed by Shannon Grounds,

             directed by Caroline Poe

Narcissus and Echo: conceived and performed by Abigail Lucas

Elysian Fields:

Hyancinthos: conceived and performed by Blaise Ricin

Dawn on the Elysian Fields: choreographed and performed by Melissa Swanepoel,                                             music titled “Awaken” by Big Wild

Baucis and Philemon: by Eva Suter, narrated and animated by Melissa Vogt

Hercules’ Kids: by Eva Suter, narration and video compilation by Melissa Vogt

Pegasus: choreographed and performed by Coco Lectric

Breath from the Clouds of Venus: video and composition by David DeMaris

Website Design:

Melissa Vogt

Producing Artistic Director: Bonnie Cullum

Managing Director: Melissa Vogt

Financial Director: Krystle Cline

Associate Artistic Director/Literary Manager: Rudy Ramirez

Associate Artistic Director: Teresa Cruz

Box Office Manager/Keeper of the Butterfly Garden: Alex Cogburn

Butterfly Bar Manager: Kellee Fuller

Many videos were made with stock footage from The largest contributors used in our compilations are Cotton Bro and Taryn Elliot.

Check out their work and give them a follow!

Music and soundscapes can be found for free on the Free Music Archive, the Sound Effects Factory on Youtube, and the MFY channel, also on YouTube. If you like something you've heard in a playlist, links to albums and artists are listed when you expand the player.

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